Beyond Bank Australia fuels its multi-channel customer experience program with QPC.

Beyond Bank is one of Australia’s largest customer owned banks with over $5.8 billion assets under management and serving over 245,000 customers nationally across more than 40 branches in Western Australia, New South Wales, the Australian Capital Territory and South Australia. 

Their contact centre handles around 290,000 calls annually and more than 350,000 interactions. Digital experiences have increased by 100 per cent in the past 12 months, with live chat expanding 1,000% in the past two years. 

Beyond Bank has won a host of industry awards including 2017 and 2018 Best Financial Institution on in Corporate Social Responsibility at the Australian Retail Banking Awards, and was the first bank in Australia to achieve B Corporation certification.

The challenge

As a 100% customer-owned bank who aim to exceed their customers’ expectations every day and return outstanding value through their wide range of products and services, it’s no wonder Beyond Bank previously struggled to understand true customer sentiment with the inability to record calls. This made it extremely difficult for the frontline teams to exhibit a high level of customer experience, and as a business, this impacted the quality of coaching and training they were able to provide to their teams due to the lack of insights.

Operationally, the business was being impeded due to an outdated, non-integrated system. As customer interactions occurred, they were captured across multiple programs and applications which distorted the view of the customer journey within the business, and therefore increased issue resolution times. There was no “one source of truth” the team could rely on to provide a holistic view of each customer.

“Its product feature roadmap was appealing. (With QPC) we can deploy it instantly and transform our customer experience by moving away from a phone system to one that includes live chat, email, secure messaging, and social media.”

Another challenge experienced by Beyond Bank was that their previous systems had no ability to scale up with demand. 

“During major events, we were unable to staff our queues appropriately, impacting the customer experience in a time where it was critical to ensure we answered calls quickly and efficiently to provide updates to our customers.” 

Lastly, but by no means least, the limited functional upgrades available over the years with their previous platform meant that they were not able to react to changing customer needs.

The solution

The decision to deploy PureCloud followed a review of the bank’s contact centre management and its need to replace the previous Zeacom-based queuing system to increase functionality and to scale up operations based on growth targets.

Beyond Bank partnered with QPC to deploy PureCloud across its Customer Relationship Centre operations in Adelaide and Canberra, which collectively house around 75 agents for both inbound and outbound calls.

"We looked at several vendors but preferred the PureCloud platform recommended by QPC for its all-in-one communications, collaboration and contact centre functionality, including its call recording, rich analytics, ability to scale to meet peak demands, intuitive interface and support for workforce skills optimisation"

PureCloud’s call recording and workforce optimisation functionality was a key requirement in the decision-making process, as it has enabled Beyond Bank to support its training initiatives and ensure that calls are routed to the most appropriately skilled agent.

“We are excited about this cloud deployment and delighted to be working with QPC as they have experience across different industries and vertical markets, and also have similar values to Beyond Bank, this is a true partnership to deliver success,”

The benefits

The PureCloud deployment has assisted Beyond Bank to capture and consolidate customer conversations in one place, making it easy to provide a responsive service through gaining a 360-degree view of an individual customer interaction while reducing complexity, simplifying administration and improving efficiency.

“Ultimately, PureCloud allows us to provide customers with a true omni-channel experience and we’ll be better able to understand what each individual customer needs and how they want to interact with us.”

At the same time, PureCloud is predicting staff rostering requirements by providing historical data into periods of peak demand such as the first week of the month when customers receive statements, around the end of financial year, or after a public holiday.

Another must-have capability Beyond Bank required from the PureCloud platform, was its ability to easily integrate with Microsoft systems – it has seamlessly integrated with Beyond Bank’s existing Dynamics 365 CRM to pull information about accounts, cases and contacts from Dynamics into the platform, enabling the team to leverage self-service menus, dynamic routing and more.

When Mr Martin was asked to provide one final reason for choosing QPC for the PureCloud implementation, he stated, “its product feature roadmap was appealing. (With QPC) we can deploy it instantly and transform our customer experience by moving away from a phone system to one that includes live chat, email, secure messaging, and social media.”