Our solutions

QPC customer experience solutions ensure your team has the tools to feel empowered and supported, with quantifiable enhancements to productivity and customer experience. From increased satisfaction ratings and response rates to customer contact efficiency, QPC knows how to focus on the needs of your customers to elevate your business outcomes.

Customer Experience Technology & Solutions

Whether you need to adapt, transform or make incremental changes, we have the customer experience solutions to make it happen.

Custom Solutions

We provide the right tools and technology to suit your needs and thrive on resolving your business requirements with smart, future-ready solutions.

Elevated Customer Experiences

Exceed customer expectations while engaging and empowering your agents with instant access to customer data, product information, and tailored scripts.

Customer-centric Approach

Data and technology are critical drivers of customer-centric growth. Our solutions allow you to develop experiences to exceed your current and future customer expectations.

Empower your agents

With our solutions, your team will handle higher volumes while delivering a service that goes above and beyond.

Expert consulting 

QPC has a wealth of operational expertise to design and implement the ideal solution for your needs. We’re here to design your contact centres, assist workforce planning, or provide technical solutions. Outsourcing your planning work can let you stay focused on your core business and let the experts get the customer contact foundations just right for your future needs.

Each of our consultants has years of hands-on experience in the customer support industry, having worked with major clients across various situations. As a result, you’ll get access to the expert knowledge you need to move ahead.

Targeted training

From customer service skills to leadership development and mentoring sessions, QPC delivers team training with measurable results. So whether your organisation needs to equip contact centre staff with the skills required for high-quality customer experience or provide leadership training for management, we’re here to help.

With QPC, you get targeted training designed for your needs and budget, delivered by true customer experience experts. Everything can be tailored specifically to your organisation – from hosting training and development sessions at your workplace, live virtual sessions, or online modules.

Project management

Completing projects on schedule and within budget is a major challenge for any organisation. QPC’ long history of working on customer experience projects means you get the expertise needed to see your organisational goals through to completion.
QPC can assist with any stage of project management, from the planning stage to hands-on support throughout the entire project lifecycle. Understanding your needs is an integral part of the process so we can assist in reaching your project outcomes with the available resources.

Implementation services

Putting a plan into place is easier said than done. QPC can assist you with rolling out operational plans such as new business strategies and change management, ensuring all angles are covered. 

We meticulously examine your organisation’s current operations and help implement strategies to improve daily operations and overall performance. Working alongside your leaders every step, we also provide feedback and evaluation opportunities to measure implementation activities.