Company background 

Mitsubishi Motors Australia Ltd is one of Australia’s most recognised car dealerships; with over 200 dealers and service centres nationwide, they continue to push their product, design and technology capabilities to satisfy consumer expectations. 

Their dedicated MMAL contact centre has over 26 staff on-site, handling over 50,000 enquiries each year. Over the four-year partnership between QPC and Mitsubishi Motors Australia Limited (MMAL), QPC has been instrumental in implementing and maintaining their Genesys Cloud Contact Centre system.

“Given the solid partnership between MMAL and QPC, MMAL has chosen to sign for an additional three years with QPC to help move the business from legacy to digital, from manual to automated, from on-premises to cloud -this is our key objective for this partnership as part of phase one.” 

The Challenge

Addressing internal changes. 

MMAL had various Contact Centre Manager and Executive reshuffles within three years resulting in significant delays in rolling out new functionality and utilising our original Genesys Cloud solution. An audit in 2020 revealed the company was using only 10% of the system, and we’re not engaging their partnership with QPC to full capacity.

Reducing IT complexity for business growth.

Various providers, a lack of training and legacy systems proved to be working against producing efficient processes; the team felt an immediate need to remove all disparaged systems and technology and bring them all under one strategy to be managed efficiently by QPC. 

The impact of Covid-19. 

The global shake-up of industry in 2020 has driven the need to refresh channel strategies and review investments in digital capabilities, automation and artificial intelligence. 

The pandemic changed the way most workplaces operated. MMAL created virtual contact centres locally, with some staff working from home to manage the increase in call demand. In a post-pandemic landscape, there is a need to determine the feasibility of keeping the flexibility to improve employee experience long-term. 

The Solution 

Phase one solution had several requirements. First, address system challenges by moving MMAL from legacy to an agile, digitally enabled solution. Then, construct an omnichannel experience by improving various touch points, including IVR, and initiating webchat and recording capabilities through the Genesys Cloud platform. Finally, we determined MMAL would bring all products, services and strategies under QPC’s guidance. 

QPC implemented Genesys Cloud 3 licenses as a completely scalable, reliable cloud-based system that can adapt to any new features and functionality required by MMAL. In addition, this new release from Genesys includes a General User Interface that embeds training material in the Genesys Cloud application. 

“Working with Genesys, QPC designed a Customer Experience Maturity Model to help MMAL customers understand where they are in their customer journey and developed a plan and methodology to move from a “Random” to a “Differentiated” state.” – Kevin le Roux – QPC Account Executive for MMAL.

QPC chose Survey Dynamix to allow for the following capabilities; it will enable the team to conduct individualised surveys for each respondent and provide support in over 120 languages and dialects. In addition, MMAL can now run surveys across email, Web SMS, Conversational SMS, Web, Outbound Voice and Inbound Voice IVR. 

Surveys can be changed based on question responses, offering different questions or additional prompts and allowing real-time notifications to provide staff with critical feedback and detailed real-time and historical reporting as they need it. 

We moved MMAL from Genesys Cloud BYOC to GenesysCloud AWS services to move the business away from on-premises to a cloud-based solution, allowing the company to become leaner, faster, safer, and more productive.  

QPC started by transiting MMAL from the Legacy mode of Workforce engagement, management, and quality assurance to automated Workforce management and quality assurance management – they had multiple platforms and technologies all running manually; we are now shifting this to an automated all-in-one or provided by QPC.

Additionally, QPC will work with MMAL to establish a Contract Centre Trainer to provide ongoing training to new agents to ensure all contact centre staff are equipped with the knowledge and comprehension of the new systems ensuring all business units benefit from the latest improvements. 

The Benefits

Since the implementation of phase one, MMAL has begun to experience a gain in ROI and saved in overall contact centre costs. In addition, by simplifying their legacy, technology workflow efficiency has improved, and the team are now armed with the right resources to make more informed decisions and serve customers more efficiently from start to finish. 

“The new capabilities, such as IVR, have allowed MMAL to start to measure and achieve business outcomes and solve pain points immediately, allowing the team to focus on creating a truly customer-centric business. “Kevin le Roux – QPC Account Executive for MMAL

The strong partnership between QPC and MMAL results from a thorough understanding of their business needs and in-depth industry knowledge. As we move into phase two of their growth in the next six months, we expect remarkable achievements with impressive growth figures due to improved systems, bolstering staff training and a seamless customer journey.