Paul Shaw, NSW/ACT Sales Manager at QPC, shares his insights on the Customer Experience Summit in Sydney, where QPC Australia was a co-sponsor. 

Paul hosted the industry panel discussing ‘Utilising Customer Insights to Maximise Retention’ – with Neil Polles, Head of Customer Hub Experience, WooliesX, Jay Tutt, Head of Customer Service & Operations, Zurich and Alena Jang Croucher, Head of Customer Experience, HSBC.

“The topic of utilising customer insights to maximise retention was relevant and insightful. The panel speakers from WooliesX, HSBC and Zurich each had a different approach to utilising customer insights. It was a pleasure to drill down into these from an internal and external organisational viewpoint – the highlight was the dialogue on the value of external (Social Media) based customer data and the value of real-time and historical Management Information; on top of that, we explored, analysing customer feedback to find moments that cause a customer to leave, how to build relationships with customers at every stage of the journey and how to find the 360 views of your customers.” 

Outside of the QPC Australia-led panel event, Paul cited a standout discussion about the journey to CX personalisation: building the foundation for success, hosted by Tomas Haffenden from Torrens University Australia, where the panellists discussed how to start with CX personalisation, including proactive communication with customers, staying relevant, and keeping up with technology.

“Overall, the Customer Experience Summit was a fantastic opportunity to gain valuable insights into utilising customer insights to improve retention and create personalised customer experiences. The discussions at the summit were undoubtedly beneficial for organisations seeking to improve their customer experience strategies.” 

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