“A resounding success!”

This is the sentiment from the whole QPC Australia team on the 2023 Genesys G-Summit in Sydney.

  • More than 900 attendees
  • 30 sponsors
  • Informative plenary and keynote sessions
  • Great networking opportunities


A bold new way to deliver personalised CX at scale was the tagline for this year’s Genesys G-Summit. This led to a focus on using digital, AI, cloud and workforce engagement tools to elevate customer and employee experiences, as well as discussing bold new ways to deliver the best digital experiences with Experience Orchestration.

From Bots and new ways of working and communicating, to building trust and empathy, I believe Kevin le Roux, Account Executive at QPC Australia clearly articulates the essence of the event, “Genesys G-Summit 2023 did not disappoint. Even though these events are full on you just cannot beat great face to face conversations. We look forward partnering with Genesys at next year’s event.”

One QPC Customer stated, “The Genesys G-Summit event re-ignited my interest and understanding of the capabilities of Genesys Cloud CX 3 and has opened the door to discussions on Chatbots, Automation and Customer Journey Mapping”.



The team were also excited to see several breakout sessions and keynotes delivered by multiple QPC Australia customers.

A huge thanks to Brent Alexander, National Manager, Customer Relationship Centre from Beyond Bank Australia for sharing his views on Customer Orchestration on Tuesday afternoon panel discussion, and to Jackie Robb, COO at Chemist Warehouse for giving a shout out to QPC and Customer Science Group during the Customer Panel Discussion: A New Paradigm – Personalised, Empathetic Experiences at Scale

Additional feedback from customers was in relation to the Agent Assist for Voice and Task Management APIs being featured on the Genesys roadmap. The QPC team eagerly await updates on these being released so it can be rolled out to customers.


But wait! There’s more….

Not only is Genesys G-Summit a great opportunity to get people together to learn, collaborate, and network, but it has become a tradition for the QPC team to host a Customer and Partner dinner on the first night of the conference.

Taking full advantage of the fact most of QPC’s customers attend Genesys G-Summit, we hosted another dinner at Roast Republic – but this time we maxed out the restaurant!!

Customers, partners, and team members were allocated seating for the meal, but the party really kicked off as everyone mixed and mingled throughout the evening. Steve French, Account Executive at QPC Australia noted, “The evening proved how powerful it can be to get our customers to do the talking on our behalf.”

The dinner is not only a great opportunity for the whole QPC team to get together, but to spend time in a relaxed and friendly environment to catch up with customers and partners. There’s nothing quite like a good meal, great conversation and a few drinks to prime everyone before a big day of conferencing.

“Who could ask for anything better when you have a restaurant booked out to spend some quality time and share a few stories with friends, colleagues, partners and our loyal customers. Once again Roast Republic showed us why we go back year on year, great service, atmosphere and delicious meals prepared for this special evening.” Kevin le Roux, Account Executive at QPC Australia.

So true Kev, and the photos clearly indicate everyone having a great time.