QPC Australia Collaborates with Sportsbet on Innovative AI-Driven Call Routing Solution

The Sportsbet Hack Day 2023 was a true testament to the power of collaboration, innovation, and the desire to enhance the customer experience. Ten teams assembled, each dedicated to creating an idea that could revolutionise Sportsbet’s operations. These teams pitched their concepts to both their peers and the Sportsbet Leadership team. The Leadership team played a pivotal role by voting for their favourite idea, granting it a high likelihood of being developed and transformed into a production-ready solution. Simultaneously, peers also cast their votes for the “People’s Choice” solution.

Showcasing innovation and teamwork, the event provided employees with the opportunity to unite, brainstorm, and turn their ideas into reality. The event had a special focus on harnessing the potential of AI to enhance Sportsbet’s service offerings, provide cost savings, and build minimum viable products (MVPs). One such standout project, led by Nathan Kaden from QPC Australia and Patrick Ryan, Head of Customer Experience at Sportsbet, focused on perfecting the customer experience through AI-driven call routing. Their team chose to tackle a unique challenge: “Right Answer, Right Agent, Right Time.” to create an AI-driven routing solution that could revolutionise Sportsbet’s contact centre operations.


Turning Ideas into Reality

Nathan and Patrick’s hack team built an AI-driven “recommendations engine” that collects valuable data on customers, their usage history, current events, and agent capabilities. Genesys Cloud was expertly integrated into the recommendation engine to retrieve real-time recommendations for the caller, including what they are most likely calling about and which agent would be the best fit for their call. Subsequently, by integrating Genesys Cloud, the solution efficiently routes the call to the appropriate queue and the preferred agent or agents. This bespoke solution provides invaluable customer insights about the caller, ensuring that every interaction adheres to the principle of “Right Answer, Right Agent, Right Time.”

Nathan’s involvement required his expertise to design and develop a proof of concept (POC) using Genesys Cloud for smart call routing. The team then utilised simulated data from Sportsbet’s AI-driven recommendation engine to bring this concept to life. The outcome? Customers getting the right answer, from the right agent, precisely when they need it.

Nathan and Patrick’s team were awarded third place from a total of ten teams competing, earning well-deserved recognition for their remarkable contributions.

Nathan shared his thoughts on the experience, saying, “It was a great experience and privilege to be involved in Sportsbet’s Hack Day 2023 and to assist Patrick and his team in developing an AI-driven routing solution for their Contact Center. Our goal is to help their customers get the Right Answer from the Right Agent at the Right Time.”

This collaborative effort not only showcased the potential of innovative technology but also the commitment of experts like Nathan and organisations like QPC Australia to enhance customer experiences in the sports betting industry. The Sportsbet team was thrilled with the progress made during the hack day event.

With QPC Australia’s expertise and Sportsbet’s visionary approach to AI-driven customer service, this collaboration promises to transform the MVP into a full-fledged, production-ready solution. Stay tuned for more exciting developments!