How QPC & Genesys can create exceptional customer relationships and fuel future growth for your business.

Creating excellent customer relationships and fuelling future growth is crucial for any business. At QPC, we believe people-obsessed contact centre software can play a vital role in achieving this goal. By employing the right technology and implementing the right strategies, businesses like yours can provide a personalised and efficient customer experience that satisfies current customers and attracts new ones.

Read on to discover how QPC and Genesys can help to create the experiences your customers expect and support in building lasting growth for your business.

Meet your customers where they are

Investing in robust and user-friendly contact centre software is key to creating exceptional customer relationships. Genesys Cloud CX offers many features that can help businesses improve customer service and drive growth. For example, their Omnichannel Routing feature allows businesses to route customer interactions to the right agent based on the customer’s preferences and history, providing a more personalised experience. Additionally, the platform’s AI-powered virtual assistants and chatbots can help automate your routine tasks and provide efficient service, allowing your agents to focus on more complex interactions.

Upskill your agents

Another critical aspect of creating exceptional customer relationships is having a team of customer-centric agents with excellent communication and problem-solving skills. According to a study by Genesys, businesses prioritising employee engagement and satisfaction have a 20% higher customer satisfaction rate than those that don’t. Therefore, companies should invest in their agents’ training and development, equipping them with the skills and knowledge necessary to provide exceptional service.

Enhance communication across teams

In addition to having a skilled team of agents, businesses should encourage regular communication and collaboration between agents and other departments, such as sales and marketing, to better understand customer needs and provide more comprehensive service. Genesys Cloud CX’s Team Engagement feature allows for real-time communication and collaboration between agents, supervisors, and other departments, which can improve the customer experience by providing more accurate and timely responses to customer inquiries.

Understand your customers better

Data and analytics also play a crucial role in creating excellent customer relationships. By tracking customer interactions and preferences, businesses can use this information to personalise the customer experience and improve service quality. Genesys Cloud CX’s analytics and reporting features allow businesses to track customer interactions, agent performance, and more, providing valuable insights into customer behaviour and preferences.

Create an ‘always learning’ mindset

Fostering a culture of continuous improvement is essential for creating exceptional customer relationships. Encouraging agents to provide feedback and suggestions for improving the customer experience can help businesses identify areas for improvement and make necessary adjustments. Additionally, customer feedback and satisfaction surveys can provide valuable insights into how well the contact centre performs and what changes are required.

When you invest in the right software, spend time on upskilling your agents, encourage frequent communication and collaboration between departments, utilise data and analytics in the right way, and continuously work on creating a culture of improvement – you undoubtedly create a more personalised and efficient customer experience that satisfies not only your current customers but will attract new ones.

QPC is the leading expert in customer experience delivery in Australia – With over 30 years of experience across various industries, their dedicated specialists can advise on the right tools and technology to suit specific business needs.

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