Zero Downtime for Nucleus Network during COVID-19 vaccine trials

QPC Australia, specialists in assessing, recommending and implementing change within customer service environments, had just nished enabling and training Nucleus Network’s remote workforce on Genesys Cloud when CoVid-19 hit. The initial implementation of Genesys Cloud at Nucleus Network’s facilities in Melbourne and Brisbane was completed in 2018, but the need for their recruitment agents to work from home required a transition not previously envisioned.  

As Australia’s largest Phase 1 Clinical trials specialist, Nucleus Network commenced dosing the rst human participants for the Phase 1/2 trial of the Novavax CoVid-19 vaccine, at its Melbourne clinic in late May. In order to determine suitable human participants to test the CoVid-19 vaccine, candidates rst need to be screened by the recruitment team. Nucleus Network required an agile solution for their recruitment teams, who typically coordinate all participant leads via phone.

As lockdown measures were imposed, QPC wasted no time in training all the recruitment members on successfully logging-in remotely to continue following up on leads and screening potential participants in the trial. The recruitment team needed the tools to eld calls just as they would in the call centre.

“QPC were terric! Getting everyone set up remotely was seamless thanks to QPC and Genesys Cloud. We tested it out on the team, and it was easy for everyone to log in online and commence taking calls without delay”

“QPC’s support team have been fantastic; everything was literally set up within the hour. There was zero downtime, enabling our team to work continuously through the lockdown period” enthused Shetty. He also explained that several team members have “embraced the lockdown period and have successfully moved into senior roles, all from the comfort of their own home.”

The implementation of Genesys Cloud by QPC couldn’t have been timelier, as Nucleus’ previous vendor did not offer VoIP functionality. The recruitment teams would not have been able to continue their work remotely throughout this crucial period if the change in solutions hadn’t been nalised.

“to be working with Nucleus Network and getting them set up with Genesys Cloud – just prior to the world turning upside down – was perfect alignment. I’m so proud of the QPC team and their immediate response to support Nucleus in standing up their recruitment agents remotely, within a matter of minutes.”

As global biotechs continue to use Nucleus Network’s advanced Phase 1 clinical trials services, the trial recruitment process will need to ramp up in coming months. Nucleus Network use Salesforce to manage their lead process, which allows their agents to dial numbers directly through the system. The next phase in supporting their business continuity plan will be to integrate Salesforce with Genesys Cloud to increase visibility of each participant’s journey, and to also increase the Web Chat functionality for a greater level of customer service.

“To know that we have supported Nucleus Network through this challenging period with remote access capabilities, means they can continue their recruitment process and human trials without impediment – playing our part in supporting a possible vaccine makes this a proud moment for all QPC employees.” added Levine.