National Heavy Vehicle Regulator Partners with QPC Australia and BBB Advisory for Transformation.

At the forefront of Australia’s heavy vehicle regulation, the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR) has been leading the charge since its establishment in 2013. With over 431 employees and a direct regulatory relationship with over 40,000 road freight businesses, 900,000 vehicles, 500 road managers, and 1,000 authorised officers, the NHVR is dedicated to improving safety, productivity, and efficiency outcomes for all involved. 

But their commitment to excellence continues beyond there. The NHVR’s customer-first ethos drives their teams to build strong relationships and solve customer issues, leading the way in customer experience.  

Recognising the need to address gaps in their contact centre, the NHVR turned to BBB Advisory and QPC Australia to streamline their technology and provide an even more seamless customer experience. 


Sal Petroccitto, NHVR CEO had a bold idea. He wanted to bring the call centre operations in-house to give the NHVR more control over the customer service experience -this would be no easy feat, as the call centre was previously outsourced and wasn’t their area of expertise. But with Sal’s understanding of government processes and a customer-focused mindset, he was determined to make it happen.  

The challenge was set – how could they take the call centre from outsourced to in-house without sacrificing the customer experience or business capabilities? 

The challenges in transitioning the call centre from outsourced to in-house, as identified by BBB Advisory, were: 

  1. The transition must be completed by July 21, 2021, the end of the incumbent contract. 
  2. The budget was limited as equipment, software, and overhead costs needed to be accurately calculated. 
  3. The level of serviceability provided by Genesys software used by the outsourced agency had to be maintained to avoid diminished business capability. 
  4. Customer experience had to be maintained, with BBB Advisory gathering performance statistics of the outsourcer without their knowledge. 
  5. The goal was to reduce the number of customer calls transferred internally before being forwarded to the NHVR. 

“NHVR identified that 20% of calls were transferred internally, suggesting a lower resolution rate. We know the number one driver of customer satisfaction is resolution rate,” said Lyn Trewenack, Consulting Director at BBB Advisory.  

In addition to upgrading technology, the contact centre’s workspace also needed adjustments to provide the team with proper equipment like PCs, screens, soundproofing, and overall setup for efficient operations. 


BBB Advisory partnered with QPC Australia and Genesys CX to manage the contact centre transition from outsourced to in-house and, after a rigorous selection process, selected due to their deep knowledge of the contact centre environment and ability to meet the business needs of the project within a tight budget. 

Genesys Cloud, recognised as a CCaaS leader on the Gartner Magic Quadrant, was crucial to the solution. It allowed for remote work, business continuity, and future growth. It also enabled a seamless transition from the outsourced agency’s current platform. 

The solution was further strengthened by integrating the livepro knowledge management system to improve consistency and reduce call transfer rates and a workforce management system for team scheduling and optimised service levels. 

Survey Dynamix was implemented to track customer satisfaction and support performance improvements, and end-to-end call recording was implemented to track all calls. 

With the help of BBB Advisory and QPC Australia, the NHVR established a new business function within 12 months, with improved capabilities compared to the outsourced solution. 


The partnership between BBB Advisory and QPC proved to be a success story for the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator. Not only did this collaboration improve the business operations of NHVR, but it also resulted in a remarkable increase in customer satisfaction, scoring an impressive 4.8 out of 5. The transformation from an outsourced customer contact centre to an in-house solution brought numerous benefits for the NHVR and its customers. 


After successfully transitioning to Genesys Cloud, the next phase is integrating the agents’ email accounts with Microsoft Dynamics. This integration will allow for email queue routing and was temporarily postponed during the transition to ensure a smooth move to Genesys Cloud. The previous CRM system did not have the capability for email integration.