The way we communicate in customer service is changing rapidly. Integrating Microsoft Teams into your contact centre and voice platform can be a game-changer. With QPC Australia’s expertise in Microsoft Teams, your service agents can unlock a whole new level of possibilities, revolutionising customer service and communication processes. 

What is Microsoft Teams, and how can it be integrated? 

Microsoft Teams is a market-leading collaboration platform that brings together chat, video meetings, file storage, and application integration in one place. By integrating Teams into your contact centre and voice platform, your agents can leverage its features to improve customer interactions. 

Why should you integrate Microsoft Teams into your contact centre? 


Let your contact centre agents collaborate effectively with internal teams and external stakeholders; the platform allows you to easily share documents, hold virtual meetings, and communicate in real time, leading to faster problem-solving and quicker issue resolution, ensuring smooth operations. 

Call Recording and Transcription:  

Microsoft Teams’ call recording and transcription capabilities eliminate the need for agents to take manual notes during customer calls while improving accuracy, simplifying information retrieval, and ensuring compliance with regulations. 

Multiple Device Support:  

Microsoft Teams allow agents to seamlessly transfer calls from one device to another. This flexibility ensures uninterrupted customer service and boosts productivity. 

Hardware Support:  

Microsoft Teams is compatible with a variety of certified desk phones and headsets, making the migration process smooth and hassle-free. 

How Microsoft Teams improves customer service and communication? 

Enhanced Customer Engagement:  

Microsoft Teams simplifies communication between agents and customers through chat, voice, or video, giving your agents to access customer information, history, and context in real time, making interactions with your customers more personalised  

Streamlined Internal Communication:  

Microsoft Teams provides a centralised platform for internal communication, giving agents the ability to collaborate easily with team members and across the business; they can share best practices, seek guidance, and receive real-time feedback, improving performance and knowledge sharing. 

Challenges and overcoming them: 

Training and Adoption:  

Introducing Microsoft Teams into your contact centre is a significant change that requires careful consideration and planning; investing in comprehensive training programs for your agents is important and is designed to equip them with the necessary skills and knowledge to utilise Microsoft Teams’ features effectively.  

Integration Complexity:  

Integrating Microsoft Teams with existing contact centre platforms may present technical challenges. By partnering with an experienced integration provider like QPC Australia, you can expect a smooth integration process, minimising disruptions and optimising performance. 

QPC Australia has successfully integrated Microsoft Teams into numerous contact centres, empowering businesses to enhance their customer service capabilities. To learn how speak to one of our QPC Australia Solution Experts today!