Sunsuper - Making retirement dreams a reality

Sunsuper puts customers and agents at the heart of everything to improve service and drive business growth.

Juggling multiple systems

Sunsuper is Australia’s fastest-growing top 10 super fund. It looks after more than $58 billion in retirement savings for more than 1.3 million members, supporting almost 100,000 registered employer clients across a diverse range of industries, and works with 2,000 financial advisers across the country. 

Consistent growth over the past 10 years has meant that the Sunsuper infrastructure needed to evolve to meet customer needs and preferences. Contact centre agents were juggling multiple, disparate systems when managing customer inquiries, which presented barriers to business performance. Training and onboarding of new staff was lengthy and costly. 

Operating in an increasingly digitised market, Sunsuper needed a solution that was faster and more efficient, enabling better business performance and a seamless customer and user experience.

Customer experience overhaul

QPC, who specialise in contact centres, worked closely with Sunsuper to identify key business objectives as part of an overhaul of customer experience capabilities. After carefully assessing options in the market, QPC recommended the Genesys® PureConnect™ omnichannel contact centre solution for its unified approach to managing multichannel customer interactions.

Amalie White, Head of Customer Interactions, Sunsuper, commented: “The Genesys PureConnect platform was the right solution for us—it meets our core values as a customer-centric organisation. PureConnect intuitive features and ability to streamline tasks across different communication channels, has led to real, tangible results for the business.”

“Our initial trial of the Genesys PureConnect platform began with 80 customer representatives and has since been rolled out to make it accessible to 250 Sunsuper staff. Representing nearly a quarter of the organisation, this is testament to the capabilities and intuitive nature of our refreshed customer offering,”

Frictionless customer journeys

The PureConnect platform has paved the way for a frictionless, easy and immediate customer journey. Enhanced features and new functionalities have given members greater choice on when and how they want to engage with Sunsuper, litiing customer satisfaction as a result by 2% and increasing the number of members who have judged their experience with Sunsuper as “excellent” or “above and beyond”. Happier customers have also led to a positive impact on staff satisfaction.

By streamlining administrative tasks, staff are able to focus on more rewarding conversations with members. Under the previous contact centre system, it took between two and three business days to respond to emails and web queries. Since switching to the PureConnect platform, inquiries are now resolved in a matter of hours. By integra􀆟ng webchat functionality across key online functions—member join and pay super—online fulfilment rates have also improved.

Elevating agent satisfaction and efficiency

By removing the need for multiple systems, outbound communications are more efficient. The PureConnect solution enables staff to manage voice, text, email and social interactions from a unified solution, simplifying workflows significantly and improving the number of connections made.

Other intuitive features include a universal work queue and a single screen view of all work allocated to a user. The ability to tag interactions against customer IDs and saving records against client profiles has also made it easier to revisit files and fast-track member queries.