Genesys has again been named a leading global cloud-based contact centre services provider in the annual Frost & Sullivan report, Frost RadarTM: Cloud Contact Centre Services in Asia Pacific. With more than three decades’ experience in the industry, Genesys has established itself as a top performer in both on-premises and cloud-based contact centre solutions. The report acknowledges Genesys’ depth of expertise and solutions, including packaged use case offerings and digital and AI-powered software capabilities, enhanced by strong local presences and support. This is the second consecutive year Genesys has outperformed its competitors. 

QPC Australia is a proud partner of Genesys. Our collective expertise and offerings have enabled businesses to establish strong positions in the cloud contact centre services market. QPC Australia’s commitment to delivering innovative solutions and exceptional customer experiences aligns with Genesys’ values, and together we provide a comprehensive and reliable suite of services to clients.  

Key takeaways: Frost Radar™ Strategic Imperative & Growth Environment  

  1. Companies now recognise high quality customer experiences (CX) are essential for business success, and they are leveraging digital technologies to power CX improvements. 
  1. Many institutions are adopting cloud-based solutions to align CX and employee experience (EX) across the entire customer journey. These technologies can be deployed quickly and provide flexibility and scalability. 
  1. Legacy contact centre systems and solutions cannot meet evolving customer needs and technological advances. Therefore, organisations with older systems seek alternatives to cloud-based technology solutions or a hybrid cloud deployment model. 
  1. Cloud-based technologies designed for contact centres are becoming more robust. They offer access to all the features of on-premises solutions, with the added benefits of being hosted over the Internet and supporting remote/hybrid work models. 
  1. Companies expect contact centre platforms to ensure business continuity and enable customer engagement through a digital-first approach at every touchpoint of their journey. 
  1. They are increasingly reliant on digital channels like social media, email, WhatsApp, and WeChat for customer engagement and digital capabilities like automation, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and digital analytics to improve customer experience. 
  1. They are also integrating more software applications to gain greater data insights and enhance decision-making. Common integrations connect databases and toolsets from an organisation’s customer relationship management (CRM), content management system (CMS), workforce management (WFM), workforce engagement management (WEM) and workforce optimisation (WFO). 
  1. Service providers offer bundled solutions that converge unified communications and collaboration (UCC) and contact centre solutions to simplify the customer journey, reduce the effort of finding the right people or information, and improve the agent and back-office experience. 
  1. Cloud enables a mature customer experience (CX) and employee experience (EX) strategy. A cloud contact centre is a network-based service accessed over the Internet. The service provider hosts the platform and delivers its functionalities, applications and features to end-users with an as-a-service model. 
  1. The customer pays a use-based fee for services, and pricing is typically calculated per-agent/per-month, per-minute or per-interaction. Organisations pay only for the technology available at a given time (i.e., as a service), with limited or no upfront investments and no additional maintenance costs. 
  1. Most cloud contact centre as a service (CCaaS) platform subscriptions include all the basic contact centre functionalities, and organisations can subscribe to specific functionalities from other providers. 
  1. Cloud allows businesses to deploy technology capabilities as needed, giving them more speed, flexibility, scalability, and modularity for their contact centres. 
  1. Cloud also delivers robust security and privacy, 24×7 availability and advanced integration capabilities. 
  1. As on-premises contact centre systems near the end of life, many Asian-Pacific (APAC) organisations are exploring cloud options to innovate faster and engage with customers more efficiently. 
  1. Contact centre providers must offer smooth cloud migration paths and hybrid operations to let customers migrate at their own pace and adopt newer capabilities in the cloud while still having some on-premises functionality. 

Genesys is recognised as the leader in Growth and Innovation in 2023 for: 

▶︎ Providing a comprehensive range of services, including omnichannel, AI, journey management, analytics, and WEM capabilities. 

▶︎ Improving CX and EX by continuously enhancing its AI-powered capabilities. These include Smart Advisor for agent assistance, AI-based call routing, intent-aware bots, and asynchronous web messaging. 

▶︎ Building a strong presence in the APAC region and gaining new customers in industries such as government, finance, and healthcare. 

▶︎ Appointing new leaders to its regional team to drive innovation of its cloud technology and expansion into new markets. 

▶︎ Launching cloud capabilities in India which allow businesses to deliver personalised digital experiences using Genesys Cloud CX while ensuring data sovereignty. 

▶︎ More than 30 years of experience focusing on improving customer and employee experiences through its products and investing in talent and innovation in key Asian markets to continue its growth.  

▶︎ Building on its experience-as-a-service vision by acquiring Bold360, Pointillist and in 2021. These acquisitions improve Genesys’ digital capabilities, including conversational AI, journey analytics, and intuitive agent experience. 

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