Increase customer satisfaction and equip your team with the necessary skills for success with our targeted training.

From customer service skills to leadership development and product knowledge sessions, QPC Australia delivers targeted team training with measurable results. Our training will better equip your team to support happy customers by providing agents and leadership teams with the necessary dexterities for a high-quality customer experience. Investing in support agents’ skills can lead to job satisfaction and greater employee engagement.

What are the benefits of targeted training?

An increase in job satisfaction.
Investing in targeted training is essential for delivering excellent customer experiences and is a key driver of employee satisfaction, engagement, and retention. Our targeted training provides your contact centre agents and team leaders with the skills and knowledge they need to deliver high-quality personalised customer experiences.

By investing in training tailored to your agent’s needs, you encourage a culture of continuous learning and development, which is confirmed to increase job satisfaction and retention rates. According to a study conducted by the Australian Customer Experience Industry, 65% of employees in the CX industry believe that targeted training opportunities are important for job satisfaction, and 77% of employees feel more engaged when they receive job-specific training. Employees who receive targeted training are more likely to feel confident in their ability to perform their job effectively, leading to improved job satisfaction and overall performance.

Offer omnichannel support confidently.

Customers expect to communicate with your business seamlessly across various channels. For interconnected service to be provided across multiple platforms, your agents must feel equipped with the skills and knowledge to offer unparalleled support. According to a recent Genesys survey, 67% of consumers expect to be able to switch channels when interacting with a business, and 70% of them expect businesses to provide the same level of service across all channels. As a result, your agents can offer a more comprehensive and connected customer experience by providing training covering omnichannel communication topics; this leads to higher levels of customer satisfaction, loyalty, and retention.

Genesys research also shows that 56% of employees in the CX industry believe that targeted training opportunities are important for job satisfaction, and 63% feel more engaged when they receive job-specific training. Ultimately, targeted training is vital for helping contact centre agents stay ahead of the curve and deliver the omnichannel support your customers expect, resulting in better customer experience satisfaction.

Excellent support experiences build customer loyalty.

To create a loyal customer base, you must deliver exceptional support experiences; through targeted training, you and your agents will feel confident providing the support your customers expect. According to Harvard Business Review, customers with a positive experience are five times more likely to repurchase from a company and seven times more likely to recommend it to others. By delivering a consistently high level of service, you can build strong relationships with your customers, which leads to increased loyalty, retention and, ultimately, revenue growth.

With 80% of customers saying they are more likely to do business with a company that offers personalised experiences. Targeted training with QPC Australia will help your contact centre agents understand how to deliver personalised experiences by providing them with the knowledge needed to connect with customers on a deeper level.

Improved communication and collaboration.

Practical communication skills are important for agents who are the primary point of contact between businesses and their clients. Our training program encompasses many skills, including comprehending and utilising solutions efficiently, working collaboratively with teams, enhancing communication with customers across different platforms, and delivering personalised support. By developing communication skills, your agents can establish a positive relationship with your customers, making them feel valued and increasing their satisfaction and loyalty towards your brand.

From customer service skills to leadership growth and mentoring sessions, QPC Australia delivers team training with measurable results. So whether your business needs to equip contact centre staff with the skills required for high-quality customer experience or provide leadership training for management, we’re here to help.

With QPC, you get targeted training designed for your needs and budget, delivered by true customer experience experts. Everything can be tailored specifically to your organisation – from hosting training and development sessions at your workplace to live virtual sessions or online modules.

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