Did you know that Unified Communications and Collaboration (UC&C) tools are evolving faster than many businesses can keep up with? 

The pandemic and subsequent shift to hybrid working has fundamentally changed how Australian businesses work and collaborate, which has led to a marked uptake in the adoption of Unified Communications and Collaboration tools across organisations of all sizes. 

However, many of these tools are implemented in a piecemeal fashion, some in response to the initial work-from-home requirements, others added as businesses moved to a flexible working environment post-pandemic – the result, in many cases, is disparate and disconnected UC&C platforms that are not delivering all the benefits that a truly unified solution can deliver.

As the major vendors move towards a more platform-led approach, adding new capabilities such as meeting room systems, voice calling, virtual events, and even hotdesking and office space reservations – the need has never been greater for businesses to re-evaluate and consolidate their long-term UC&C strategy. 

QPC works closely with customers to help them plan their collaboration strategy and investigate which aspects of UC&C will deliver the most benefits and to which areas; these can include;

Hybrid Working

Employees can collaborate efficiently using any device from any location and stay connected to their wider team, sharing information and ideas remotely as easily as if they were in the same office.

Customer Experience

Customers want to interact with your business across multiple channels as part of one seamless customer journey. UC&C allows them to easily switch from one touchpoint to another and connect and communicate with you virtually anywhere on any device for better responsiveness and productivity.

Improved Customer Satisfaction

Getting accurate information to your customer at the right time has never been more crucial to the customer journey – UC&C gives customer-facing staff instant access to the answers, and the subject matter experts, to allow them to address a customer need quickly.

Lowered costs

Save costs by consolidating separate applications into one efficient collaboration platform and utilising video conferencing to decrease the reliance on inter-state travel for meetings. In addition, moving to a dedicated cloud-hosted platform can help lower capital investment and costs in data centres and shift costs to a simpler “pay as you use” model. 

Keep and attract employees.

Often overlooked and yet is becoming one of the most important aspects of retaining and attracting new employees. People want to work where they have the best tools and processes to work in a hybrid way effectively, and for many, this is something they increasingly do not want to compromise on.

Now, where to start?

To evaluate where you are in your UC&C journey, you must first understand what your business and your users want from their collaboration tools. How well do your existing systems meet the needs of your workforce? Especially now that many may be working in a hybrid way. QPC can work with you and help build a picture of what tools are working and what could be made better and more integrated.

Have a PBX phone system, and do you use Microsoft Teams? 

Then the answer is to consolidate and let QPC voice enable Teams with our enterprise SIP voice platform and let you finally retire the phone system and clunky desk phones.  

Are your Contact Centre agents siloed and unable to collaborate with the rest of the organisation? 

Let QPC help you with that.

No Contact Centre solution at all? 

Well, QPC can work with you on that and help you start thinking about customer contact as not just voice calls but a complete omnichannel experience where you can interact with customers using the methods they want to use.

Are you struggling to give your office-based employees, and even meeting rooms, the same experience your work-from-home employees already have? 

Talk to QPC, and we can help you figure it all out.